Monday, May 7, 2012

Tim's Tips

First Tip:

I have a small tip for those who are working on smaller pieces.  When you are ready to stain the piece or put polyurethane on it.  What I use are the plastic things that go under a flower pot.  They are something you can pick up pretty cheap.  I have seen them called a saucer or a plastic floor guard.  Look in the garden area. 

With these it is pretty easy to pour back into the container you keep your stain, oil or polyurethane.

Second Tip:

If you are the type who likes to listen to something in your shop there are two things I would suggest.

The first is Pandora which you can download to your iPod / iPhone.  You will need an internet connection.  With this app you can build a library of music you like.  The more you add the better it gets as Pandora will start adding music of the same type.  This can also run from you PC.  I believe you can also share your playlist.

The second is to check you local library.  Mine has a option to download audio books to run on your iPod. So I download a book, transfer it to my iPod and listen while I work.

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