Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rat, Panda and Elephant

After making the wolf pattern I started getting more ideas for patterns.  Here are the finish projects for the next three I made.

Here are the patterns as images - please feel free to use them!

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Pattern

Over my time with the scroll saw I have been able to look at other’s patterns and make adjustments to fit my own need.  I have also been able to picture a pattern idea in my head.  But getting the idea from my head to a file on the computer and then cut it out, that has been a struggle for this long time computer geek.

I had found a picture of a wolf lying down that I loved, but can not find it again to find out if it copy protected, so I could not use that for a pattern to share.  So then I found the tribal wolf head that I used.

Now the making of: I started out by cutting a piece of ¼” poplar to a workable size.  Next I cut a piece of plywood about the same size.  I sanded both.  Next I applied the pattern to the poplar and stained one side, of the plywood back board, black.  When doing this I pick the better looking side of the plywood to face out on the back.

While the plywood is drying I drill my holes and start cutting.  One thing I noticed when I start cutting was how this reminded me of cutting a portrait.  Often times when making a cut like the larger one here, you might get parts to start wiggling (scares me) and could break.  What I did this time was to stop cutting and apply more tape to hold pieces still.

After cutting I removed tape from the back, making sure to leave the pattern on the front. I sanded the back (very carefully) and then glued and clamped it to the plywood.  I have found it a very good thing to make sure the smaller more fragile part get glue on them, this will add strength once dried.

After the glue has dried I then cut out the shape of the arrow head.  Now I sand anything that needs sanding, then a dip in some medium maple stain, some shellac and we have the finished product.  The size of this is 9 ¼” tall and 4” wide.

If this is a special gift for someone and you want to sign the piece, I would suggest you do this prior to the stain.  Using a Sharpie on the plywood side and let dry.

Please feel free to use this pattern!  Please feel free to send me an email letting me know what you think and if you have a chance a picture of how your turned out.

I hope this will not be a one time thing making patterns and being able to share!

Thanks to my kids (Kelsey & Josh) who gave me feedback on the pattern as I was working on it!

Also for anyone looking for a wonderful source of free patterns and great tutorials please visit Steve Good at the Scrollsaw Workshop

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day 2012

Here we are another Father’s Day.  Let’s start off by saying Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!

I for one feel that my children are not only the ones who made me a father (no kidding?) but also helped shape what kind of father I am.  To my sons, my step-daughter and my former step-sons, Thank You All!  As a father I am very blessed.  This is what I wish for all of you dads and future dads alike!

I also am very blessed with a great example on how to be a good dad from the example I have been given!

So now to the wood!  Here are a couple of Father’s Day gifts I made this year.

"Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he's buying." 
       -- Fran Lebowitz

Saturday, June 16, 2012

King of the Pins

Craig, who not only works full time, is an assistant coach for the Fresno State Bulldogs Men’s Bowling Team.  Last year the team won the 2011 USBC INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (Men’s).

So Happy Birthday Craig!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gifts for Family

Well seeing as this is the season of giving… ok maybe not (it is to hot).

As I said in yesterdays post, while in Bakersfield I took a few things I had made for my Family down there.

My Mom loves light houses, so this is her Mother’s Day gift (yes I am late).

Also for my Mom is this cross.

For my Sister I made this sign expressing my feeling for her.
"Tami My Sister by Birth My Friend By Choice Love Tim".

And for the Dad of the family.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him would know how true this is!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birds in Bakersfield (California)

I have been wanting to go to Bakersfield to visit the family since Mother’s Day.  I had made a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.  Then I made something for my sister and then the stuff kept building up.  I hope to be able to post pictures tomorrow.

While we were there today my sister wanted to take us to see the peacocks.  Well I saw this bird and wondered if people in Bakersfield were confused or had a special breed…

Here are a couple of pictures of the real ones.  The one in the tress was 35 to 40 feet up.  I have never seen that before.

I wanted to share some pictures of these beautiful creatures.  So no wood work in this post.

And the last one brings up the question… why did the peacock cross the road?  

Happy Birthday Toni

A box that I made for my son's girlfriend Toni.  Happy Birthday (late) Toni!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

iPad / Kindle Fire Stand

With the growing popularity of the iPad, Kindle Fire and others Steve Good created a pattern of a stand to hold an iPad.  After printing the pattern I showed it to my wife.  We looked at the measurements and sure enough her Kindle Fire fits just fine.  So I made one based off the pattern Steve created.  Showed it to her and she said “it is nice, but I want something more personalized.  So the second one was created just for her (Love You Terri!).
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