Monday, June 18, 2012

First Pattern

Over my time with the scroll saw I have been able to look at other’s patterns and make adjustments to fit my own need.  I have also been able to picture a pattern idea in my head.  But getting the idea from my head to a file on the computer and then cut it out, that has been a struggle for this long time computer geek.

I had found a picture of a wolf lying down that I loved, but can not find it again to find out if it copy protected, so I could not use that for a pattern to share.  So then I found the tribal wolf head that I used.

Now the making of: I started out by cutting a piece of ¼” poplar to a workable size.  Next I cut a piece of plywood about the same size.  I sanded both.  Next I applied the pattern to the poplar and stained one side, of the plywood back board, black.  When doing this I pick the better looking side of the plywood to face out on the back.

While the plywood is drying I drill my holes and start cutting.  One thing I noticed when I start cutting was how this reminded me of cutting a portrait.  Often times when making a cut like the larger one here, you might get parts to start wiggling (scares me) and could break.  What I did this time was to stop cutting and apply more tape to hold pieces still.

After cutting I removed tape from the back, making sure to leave the pattern on the front. I sanded the back (very carefully) and then glued and clamped it to the plywood.  I have found it a very good thing to make sure the smaller more fragile part get glue on them, this will add strength once dried.

After the glue has dried I then cut out the shape of the arrow head.  Now I sand anything that needs sanding, then a dip in some medium maple stain, some shellac and we have the finished product.  The size of this is 9 ¼” tall and 4” wide.

If this is a special gift for someone and you want to sign the piece, I would suggest you do this prior to the stain.  Using a Sharpie on the plywood side and let dry.

Please feel free to use this pattern!  Please feel free to send me an email letting me know what you think and if you have a chance a picture of how your turned out.

I hope this will not be a one time thing making patterns and being able to share!

Thanks to my kids (Kelsey & Josh) who gave me feedback on the pattern as I was working on it!

Also for anyone looking for a wonderful source of free patterns and great tutorials please visit Steve Good at the Scrollsaw Workshop

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