Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Things Come From Bad Situations

Last month I was lucky enough to get a new scroll saw. My original saw is a Ryobi. It is not an overly bad saw but I wanted better. After a lot of reading and thinking, I decided on the DeWalt. I am very glad I did. The weekend of the 28th I built a table specifically for my DeWalt. Then one evening I am cutting on a project and my wife comes out. I turn off the saw and we talk a moment. When flipped the switch to start cutting again… nothing. After checking everything I know to check still no power. So on Saturday I load up the saw and go to where I bought it to have it serviced. 3 day to 2 weeks, depending on what is wrong with it. No I am depressed! Good thing I still have the old Ryobi. But now I am spoiled.

So I start looking around the store and a gentleman strikes up a conversation. When I mention that I am still new to woodworking he tells me about the San Joaquin Fine Woodworkers Association. I am very excited about joining this group and attending the classes they offer.

If my DeWalt had not died, I would not have learned about these fine folks!
Check out their web site – the link can be found on the left (in the Links section).

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