Friday, August 29, 2014

What is the value of "Hand-Made"?

Sometime ago I cut out a piece for my Step-Dad for his birthday.  I pinned a picture to my Pinterest board. 

There was a comment made that a person’s laser could do that.  It was not a bad comment and I did not take it that way.

Another time I went to the Etsy site and was looking at some of the scroll saw type work people were selling.  I saw a piece cut from a pattern I had used a few times as well.  I looked to see how much it was selling for.  I was shocked to see that the seller priced it at about what I pay for the wood.  Upon investigation I found that it was cut with a CNC or Laser cutter.

I do not want to talk bad about people who do this.  However I find it lessens the value of what I make.  Let’s say I need to sell a piece for $20.00.  It might be something that took 2 to 3 hours to cut.  Now a person can buy the same thing for $5.00, but it was cut by a machine.  Makes it hard for me to sell pieces.  Good thing I do this for a hobby.

Do people consider a CNC cut piece to be “hand-made”?  I know I personally don’t.

Do you find there is more value to a piece that was cut hole by hole? 

Just some thoughts…

Thanks for reading.

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