Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craft Fair…

When I first started woodworking awhile back I never thought of doing a Craft Show/Fair. Well the company I work for decided that we should have a 4 hour craft fair at the end of the month. I have had several people at work ask if I was going to bring anything. So I have been spending more and more time in the shop trying to get stuff made.

Thanks in advance to: Steve Good - http://www.scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com/, Arpop - http://fssp-arpop.blogspot.com/, Steve (Scrolling Companion) - http://hoviousscrollsawworks.blogspot.com for all of the wonderful patterns! And to Terri (my loving wife) for putting up with all the sawdust.

I will be creating an online photo album of the items I get completed.

Wish me luck!


Nana said...

Good Luck Son! You will do great!

Dot said...

Wish you luck, I want my stuff get it done dude LOL

Terri he's right your great:-)

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