Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warped Wood

On Monday (August 24, 2009) Steve Good at Scrollsaw Workshop posted a great flower pot pattern and wrote about buying wood at Home Depot. Still being new to the scroll sawing world, this is how I get most my project wood.

I have one big problem I run into from time to time. Warped wood… Primarily with the ¼ poplar boards I get. Well I have found a solution that has worked well for me and thought I would share.

The first things you need:
Bath Towel
Iron (I have to sneak it past my wife)
2 pieces of flat (non-warped) wood (these should be a bit bigger than the warped piece)

Now I soak the towel in water. I will also dip the wood in water.
Wrap the wood in the wet bath towel
Iron the towel/wood (here I use the steam option)
Flip the wood and do the same
Put the freshly ironed (no starch) wood between the flat pieces and clamp
Once clamped I will let the wood dry for a few days (depending on weather)

After drying the piece should be good to use or finished.


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